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Academic Regulations 
Admissions and enrolment policy
Assessment and examination handbook
Research degree student code of practice
Fitness to study
Fitness to practice


Forms and Publications

Accident Form (80 KB WORD)
This form is for students who wish to report an accident that occurred on University premises.

Accommodation Service - guides, forms, rules and regulations (Web Link)
A list of downloadable guides, forms, rules and regulations, including the Accommodation Guide and Accommodation Agreement at the Accommodation Office website.

Admissions and Enrolment Policy (130KB PDF)
Our admissions policy complies with relevant legislation and is guided by the principles outlined by the Admissions to Higher Education Steering Group, 'Fair admissions to higher education: recommendations for good practice'.

Admission of children and young persons to University premises (97KB WORD)
University buildings are not to be used by children or young persons. This form must be completed prior to any supervised visit of children or young persons.

Anti-fraud policy (110KB PDF)
The Anti-Fraud Policy outlines LSBU's position on fraud and sets out responsibilities for its prevention and detection. The policy is intended to ensure that all cases of suspected fraud are promptly reported, investigated and dealt with as necessary, thereby safeguarding the finances and resources of the University and its subsidiaries.

Basic Health and Safety for Students (134KB PDF)
This leaflet provides students with a basic guide to Health and Safety at the University.

Moodle - helpsheets and support manuals (Web Link)
A list of downloadable guides to help you get the most from Moodle, the University's virtual learning environment.

Change of Address (Web Link)
This online system allows your to easily notify the University of a change to either your permanent or term-time address. Use your LSBU user name and password to login and your changes will be updated on our student record overnight.

Change of Course Form (375KB PDF)
This form is for use by students who wish to change their course. Students who wish to change their course will need to discuss this with academic staff and obtain their written permission on the form.

Disability Equality Scheme (594KB PDF)
This document and the Disability Equality Action Plan outline the approach the university will take to meet its obligations under the Disability Equality Duty. It sets out our commitment to eliminate discrimination while proactively engaging and supporting disabled staff and students.

ESBE Laboratory and Workshops Safety Policy (161KB PDF)
This document should be read by all ESBE students before undertaking any laboratory work

Epilepsy Policy and Guidance Note (82KB PDF)
This document outlines the procedure to follow in order to assist someone suffering from an epileptic fit.

Fairtrade Policy (108KB PDF)
This policy outlines the University's commitment to Fairtrade and the actions taken to obtain and maintain Fairtrade status.

Fitness to Study (633KB PDF)

Fire Emergency Procedures (52KB PDF)
This document outlines the procedure to follow should you discover a fire or hear the fire alarm.

HSC Policy for New and Expectant Mothers, Maternity Leave, Maternity Support Leave and Adoption Leave (99KB WORD)
For students in the School of Health and Social Care. This policy ensures that the university supports new and expectant mothers and fathers whilst complying with relevant legislation and NHS guidance.

Supporting forms:

Incident Form (625KB PDF)
For students who wish to report an incident that occurred on University premises.

Information and Communications Technology Security Policy (Version 1.5) (109KB PDF)
This policy covers, but is not limited to, the deployment and use of ICT, the security of personnel using ICT, copyright, data protection and the security of assets.

Request for Confirmation Letter - Past Students (Web Link)
This is a link to the online ordering and payment service for use by past students who require a letter confirming their attendance or award.

Notification of Notifiable Infectious Diseases (516KB WORD)
The purpose of this document is to raise awareness among students and staff of common notifiable infectious diseases and set out the guidelines on reporting in case of outbreak.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) Form (414KB PDF)
This form should be completed by students with a disability to assist the development of a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

Reference Request Form (65.3 PDF)

The University will provide a reference to potential employers, other colleges or universities, a professional body or to a public body for up to two years following a student's last attendance at the University. References will provide factual information on the student (as detailed below) and can include comment on matters directly related to the student’s course (for example, academic ability) but not on other matters such as domestic circumstances. Academic comments will be provided at the academic’s discretion

Refund Request Form (730KB PDF)
This form is for use by students who need to request a refund for tuition fees.

Religion and Belief Policy for Staff and Students (99KB PDF)
This policy defines the University's position concerning the religion, religious beliefs or similar philosophical beliefs of staff and students.

Replacement of University Award Certificate (Web Link)
This is a link to the online ordering and payment service for for use by students who need to request a replacement award certificate. Until the summer of 1992 the body which awarded degrees at London South Bank University was the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). If you require verification of a CNAA award, please contact CNAA Aftercare, based at the Open University Validation Service.

Request for Transcript (Web Link)
This is a link to the online ordering and payment service for use by past students who wish to request a transcript of their studies.

Smoking Policy (82KB PDF)
This Workplace Smoking Policy seeks to guarantee all employees the right to work in environments free of tobacco smoke.

Student Health and Safety Policy (77KB PDF)
This document outlines the responsibilities of students and the University in relation to Health and Safety.

Tier 4 Sponsorship and the issuing of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) (116KB)

LSBU holds a Tier 4 licence: 1F2MGYXUX. The licence allows the University to sponsor a student to enable them to apply for a visa under Tier 4 General of the points-based system.

Tuition Fee Regulations (155KB PDF) 
A guide to help students understand the process and payment arrangements for tuition fees.

Tuition Fee Sponsorship Form
To be used if you are intending for a sponsor to pay your tuition fees and that sponsor requires LSBU to issue an invoice.

University Regulations - Student Codes of Practice

Student Charter (200KB PDF)
Sets out the code of conduct for students and staff to help maintain an environment in which students can pursue their studies and achieve their qualification aims.

Student Complaints Procedure (136KB PDF)
Describes what a student needs to do if they wish to complain about any aspect of the delivery of their programme affecting their ability to engage effectively with their studies.

Relevant forms/Guidelines

Assessment and Examination Handbook (139KB PDF)

Useful forms

Interrupting and Withdrawing from Your Studies

Student Academic Appeals Procedure
This document contains the regulations relating to appeals against exam board decisions. 

Late Submission Form (Web Link)
This form should be filled in if you are unable to hand your work in by the deadline. The Academic Regulations (see 4.22 – 4.29), allow you to hand your work in up to 2 weeks after the deadline however, your mark will be capped to 40 if you are on an Undergraduate course and 50 if you are on a Postgraduate course.

Student Disciplinary Procedure (473KB PDF)
Sets out how the University's procedures for dealing with allegations of misconduct, (other than academic misconduct), by a student.

Fitness to Practice (469KB PDF)
Sets out the University's Fitness to Practice procedure.

Enrolment declaration (19KB)

University Regulations - Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations (791KB PDF)

 Research Degree Student Code of Practice (448KB PDF)

Academic Quality and Enhancement Manual

Academic Quality and Enhancement Manual (PDF)

Risk Assessment form and Guidance notes for ESBE Students only

Guidelines for ethical approval

All research activities (including student projects) require ethical approval before they commence. It is the researcher’s responsibility to ensure that their work complies with all legal and ethical requirements and guidelines existing in the UK. Download PDF for general guidelines or contact your supervisor for further information.”

Risk assessment guidance notes (676KB WORD)

Student project risk assessment proforma (663KB WORD)



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