Screening for Specific Learning Difficulties


Screening for specific learning difficulties 

If you think you may have a specific learning difficulty (SpLD), for example dyslexia, dyspraxia, or dyscalculia we offer free, confidential screenings throughout the year.  

The screening is designed to see if you are experiencing difficulties associated with a specific learning difficulty. 

If the results of the screening indicate that you may have a specific learning difficulty, the disability adviser can refer you for a more detailed assessment with an educational psychologist. There may be funding available to assist you with the cost of this.

How to arrange a screening appointment

To take the screening please visit QuickScan

QuickScan is a free online assessment to assess for specific learning differences. You will need to enter your LSBU Student ID number when asked for your "Student Identity code". 

If your QuickScan report shows a few, some, many, or most of the indicators of dyslexia, please email to let us know that you have completed the screening. Please include your LSBU Student ID number in your email to help us find your report. 

How to take a free online screening

Access QuickScan by clicking here

If your QuickScan shows a few, some, many of most of the indicators of dyslexia, the next step is to contact the Disability & Dyslexia Service. A notification will also be picked up by a Disability & Dyslexia Advisor in order to feedback on your results. You can also contact us by emailing

Further sources of advice and support

You can visit the British Dyslexia Association for more information about dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

What happens next?

We may need to refer you for a further assessment with an Educational Psychologist. We'll provide all the details of this to you. 

Following your assessment we will send you your feedback and next steps to your LSBU email address. Your adviser will let you know about any reasonable adjustments available for your studies, as well as any funding for additional support that might be available to you.  

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