At the end of your studies you will receive a transcript from your Student Administration Office. Your transcript is a formal record that shows the modules you have passed and the award you have achieved. Note that for CPPD in the School of Health and Social Care a transcript may take the form of a results letter.

You will not receive a transcript if you are in debt to us.

Prospective employers and other institutions often require more detailed information about your course of study than they can see on a certificate. They may request that you provide a transcript of your studies. 

Transcripts for past students

If you are a past student and require a transcript you can request one by using the online ordering and payment service (opens in new window).

Important note: It is not always possible to provide transcripts to past students. The ability to provide a transcript will depend on the dates of study and whether detailed records are available.


If you have a query regarding a transcript for a non-Health course email

If you have a query regarding a transcript for a Health and Social Care course email


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